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Claire bounded to her feet, heart pounding. The solitary pounding of the pavement during a jog or the self-imposed isolation of standing in a corner lifting weights can get a bit tedious, especially for an extroverted person who thrives in the company of others. 2012-02-29 21:09:13 2012-02-29 21:09:13. No, no, no!" How to use pounding in a sentence. A unit of weight differing in various countries and times. Answer. 0 Thus follows a heart … The rice husks were removed by crushing with a mortar or pounding with a wooden hammer. Her heart was pounding as he stopped in front of her. Children release anxiety by pounding, hitting, running, punching, or shouting. Once able to sit upright, the pounding in his head commanded his attention, as well as the bone-numbing chill. Magic fluctuated around her, sometimes pounding her and sometimes absent. 1. He took a relentless pounding from the media and then from Palin.. And we face a Taliban that, after eight years of pounding, is stronger than ever, and believes God is on its side and its victory is assured.. To-morrow morning you start in pounding the rust off of it.. a pounding [= throbbing ] headache All Rights Reserved. I still feel a pounding in my head. Her heart pounding, she took his hand and led him off the verandah into the garden where they could speak privately. Schemes involving part boxing and part pounding of the catch seems wasteful of space. The pounding list of example sentences with pounding. An elliptical can engage your arms more, and will save your feet from pounding on a surface, so keep those points in mind if you're trying to decide between it and a treadmill. I go to college and try to blend in, Try to appear so casual, tho my heart is pounding. Examples of pounding in a sentence: 1. “You know I could never love you. pounding damage in a sentence - Use "pounding damage" in a sentence 1. She lay in his arms, afraid to answer the desire pounding at the door of her heart — afraid he would discover she was no longer the woman he married. adjectiv : Arată însușirea unui obiect sau a unei ființe, acordându-se în gen și număr cu acestea: floare mirositoare , copii deștepți . Your body may have a physical reaction to them, such as a pounding heartbeat and sweating. Bring your mind lexicon (or a regular lexicon) because you'll be pounding your brain for obscure 3-letter words you may have never heard. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest as he picked the song back up, belting it out and earning the cheering that he used to draw so easily. Heart pounding hard, she turned to face her destination: the command hub, where all emergency operations and critical infrastructure back-up networks and systems for the East Coast were routed in a time of crisis. Learn more. Read the sentence. Suddenly, we heard bare feet pounding on the stairs. The sound of the bamboo staves hitting each other and the ground is quite loud and startling, and implies danger to the dancers who prance in and out of the spaces created by the rhythmic pounding. Battery 6. See more. 2. She made her way over to the counter, still staring, and then coughed obtrusively, Well perhaps it was not that dramatic, but at any rate, he had woken up to a, Corrissa's stiff manner left her, and she ran frantically towards the door and immediately started, We are arranging so that presently this will be the other way around, but meanwhile London and our big cities have had to stand their, As the storm passed through our area, these heavy winds took a, That's the place where a Notre Dame football player took a, But certainly the area south of the city today, we're told, taking a very heavy, Most bodybuilders would assume that this works because it gives the joints a break from heavy, Then if the carts are built heavy, even heavier wheel brackets are needed to absorb this, Big Vinny was the only guy that supported them and he took a, She sat serenely in her throne, surveying her courtiers through utterly regal eyes, which hid the heavy, Darren stared up at the ceiling and waited for the, He listened for breathing, but he could hear nothing over the, Fears about the health of the global economy gripped the market with hi-tech and telecom stocks again taking a, In an elegant ice-cream shop a white-coated young man is, Bombs fall on the long and rugged northern front, while targets in and around the city of Mosul continue to take a, Instead of commenting on the issue, his image took a, He turns 32 next month, and his body has taken a, The Northeast is where we start, because the Northeast is taking a, Finally he calmed down, his chest heaving as he panted, his heart still, He's a good fit for the offense, predicated on, There are metallic overtones and an accompanying percussive sound, as if something were. He issued a quick order Gabe couldn't hear through the blood pounding in his head. Hear for yourself Their sound is flamenco in a head on collision of punk rock riffs, pounding bass and thrashing drums. Learn more. Even at this hour a piano was pounding out a raucous tune in one of the three saloons. The synthesizers and pounding percussion that run throughout the score seem to imply danger lurking ahead. If there was only one eraser, it was the student's job to clean the chalk dust out of the eraser by pounding it against the wall of the school. Heart pounding, Darian waited until they were gone. His pace quickened as he ran, his heart pounding with eagerness to see the magnificent hall that had been his. They do not represent the opinions of If you want to work off-campus, you'll need to grab a copy of your local newspaper and start pounding the pavement. Sofia started the car with shaking hands and tore away from the curb, heart pounding as she watched Ving's furious form grow smaller in the rearview mirror. Fabre states that the lastnamed insect uses a stone for the temporary closing of her burrow, and the Peckhams have seen a female Ammophila take a stone between her mandibles and use it as a hammer for pounding down the earth over her finished nest. Another pounding and booming. Egyptian papyrus was formed by cutting strips from the stems of the papyrus plant, placing them in layers, Her heart seemed to stop for a second, but it quickly sped up, its beat, In the distance, a saltarello has started up, and soon the air is alive with, Other than that, I haven't really been all that talkative today, because I've had a, To get the steak ready, lay it between two sheets of plastic wrap and tenderize it by, Her face the lovely shade of a maraschino cherry, her heart pumping double time, and her head was, Seemingly interminable rallies are marked by players, Overhead, salvo after salvo of heavy shells screamed through the sky from Allied warships, I carry a Thermos of strong tea with me every day, carefully doling out my cups to avoid getting a, Surrounded by dozens, she danced alone, eyes closed, her body feeling the, I froze when I heard loud, thunderous footsteps racing up the stairs and soon banging fists were, The differences between the lapping waters of the bay side and the, I could hear the sound of my own heart beating, the pulse that was, It was joined in chorus by the thunder of the warships' guns. Temptation had been pounding on the door with a sledge hammer lately. Gladys Turnbull was pounding away on a lap top computer in a corner of the parlor while young Martha and Donnie played a game of Old Maid on the sofa. Pounding quotes from YourDictionary: ‘When you teach them—teach them not to fear. The games master would insist on everyone rattling along the floor, Paramedics are on call and police officers are. It seemed that she had barely dropped off to sleep, before someone was pounding on her door. Heart pounding hard, she sat on the bed and pulled out her cell phone. Fans turned from their grills, clapping and pounding on the vehicle. Find more ways to say pounding, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. How to use pound in a sentence. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. a. Gunfire 4. They stood there, hearts even more accelerated, pounding in unison. she shouted, pounding on the door. With each step, the fear grew, until when she lowered herself into the chair, her heart was pounding in her ears. First, the lonely horse moved quite slowly toward the new herd, but eventually was really overjoyed to join them. 2. Her heart was pounding for a man who didn't think of her as anything more than a little sister. Jessi hurried inside, heart pounding, not at ease until all four locks of her apartment door were securely in place. Another word for pounding. She glanced at him, her heart pounding harder. b. Whether you're a fan of Billy Gibbon's guitar licks or Dusty Hill's heat pounding bass lines, you can find the tabs you need from the list below. Pound definition, to strike repeatedly with great force, as with an instrument, the fist, heavy missiles, etc. Kris caught it by the hilt and waited, the sound of his heart pounding loud in his ears. Her heart began to race inside of her chest, A deep, raspy voice seems the only vestige of the three decades he spent, He doctored a ball over the course of two weeks by, The runway, made of asphalt reinforced with more asphalt, took a, He panted hard, his ears ringing and heart, I would like to have discovered how happy and undistracted one felt in the car under, He heard her indrawn breath, and suddenly the flashing lights in front of his eyes dimmed, and the inexorable, Performing a variety of songs from all three albums, the band rocked out on a dynamic rollercoaster that ranged from the softest melodies to, I follow his footsteps, thrusting my codpiece towards maidens and wenches alike, my tasselled loafers, We celebrate it in our own way, with a hunt and a feast, rather than by putting on long faces and, Stiff winds during the five-day cruise meant the guests felt the full effect of a traditional sailing ship, He pulled his hood over his head, and followed her out into the hallway, his head still, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time, but as my legs get a bit dicky I am certainly not going to miss, Despite that, the early pace was electric and a, If a supervisor spends eight hours of his nine-hour workday alongside a crew of carpenters, sawing wood and, But a couple of months ago, in a Times Square studio, congas were, The man who has gone around the cocktail circuit, My confused senses received a dull roar of, After a brief and unsuccessful search, he decided it was time to start, The rolling, pitching and yawing, coupled with the, This essential oil is prepared by roughly, A stout metal fence prevents any further exploration, but at the time the walk was recce'd you could hear water, He was in the redhandedness of impeccable sleep when the, First and last, I'm a runaholic. The burning in their throats returned as well as the pounding headaches, but they remained alive. Crushing riffs, Shredding solos, pounding drums and skull smashing basslines. Mineral, vegetable and animal substances, by means of tools and apparatus of stone, wood and bone - tools for cutting, or edged tools; tools for abrading and smoothing the surfaces of substances, like planes, rasps and sandpaper; tools for striking, that is, pounding for the sake of pounding, or for crushing and fracturing violently; perforating tools; devices for grasping and holding firmly. Getting fit is n't just about pounding the gym treadmill of sweating it out in an aerobics studio. pounding sentences in Hindi. Young men are pounding rice flour in mortars using heavy wooden pestles. 4 CIA operators set sail to spy on China. I started, At a signal from Horko's box there was an all-out, slam-bang, grand salute of the guns and with it a, It was a thunderstormy morning, eleven o'clock, with great dashes of rain, The race served as a dry run for the Olympic course, which will see athletes. She rummaged around one of the cupboards for her prescription painkillers, her head pounding. As the Senator left, he saw another agent pounding a large padlock hasp into the side of his door. 232+11 sentence examples: 1. Once you have a portfolio assembled, it's time to start pounding the pavement, whether real or virtual, in search of a way to get paid to take pictures. Sentence Examples. Pounding definition: If someone or something takes a pounding , they are severely injured or damaged . For example, someone who is afraid to fly may begin having episodes of pounding heart and sweating palms at the mere thought of getting on a plane in two weeks. The epinephrine may make the child feel shaky and have a rapid, pounding pulse, but these are normal side effects and are only dangerous to those with heart problems. Ring Larner Jr: It was a question that would... J. Parnell Thomas: (pounding gavel) Leave the witness chair. Examples of 'pounding' in a sentence pounding. He stopped outside her chambers, heart pounding. Virtuoso guitar playing melds with pounding electronic drums to bring you tunes you'll be humming for weeks. Then again, you do n't get a winter of miserably pounding the tarmac through all kinds of foul weather with the triathlon. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. The next day Robert's aunt heard a great pounding and sawing in her woodshed. Then again, you don't get a winter of miserably pounding the tarmac through all kinds of foul weather with the triathlon. And in the back is the sturdy session man, Mr. White, We're sitting less than 12 months away from a General Election and any party that declared support for metrication would take a, He spent countless hours on the water listening to. He released his breath, blood pounding through his body. For example, if you are a faithful walker, pounding the pavement for the same amount of time and mileage each day, then most certainly add those calories to your daily intake needs. The early December sun couldn't set fast enough to prevent her pounding headache from growing worse on her drive to work. THIS FIRE, meanwhile is guitars all the way as a syncopated riff propels its way over pulsating bass lines and pounding drums beats. Her heart pounding, she turned the car around and drove back towards the dueling men. The heavy flak batteries were still pounding away at them and they were dropping to within range of the light flak. What's most important, though, is the fact it takes off after the first promising, Beginning with acoustic plucking and the soft, He was a Southern Baptist, and he was screaming and yelling and, The White House and the DNC and all of them should have been out there, Only one horse, a massive old mare that plodded slowly and tirelessly, hooves, As your eyes adjust, you begin to see orange and black spheres hanging from the ceiling that appear to pulsate to the industrial shop noise, This report has a little something for everyone, ideas that many space advocates, including yours truly, have been, It penetrated through the houses, shaking the earth and, Even in the impregnable fortress that was Robert Inglewood's twenty-fifth floor office on Greene Avenue, the sounds of the howling wind and, The terrain varies widely from bunny slopes for the beginners, to some of the most challenging, adrenaline pumping, heart, An artificial hoof attached to a machine that mimics the, The rickety beige structure is gone, and for the last few days workmen have been, The frantic and furious beating took on the dimension and character of a collective crew of railroaders, Maybe you are, in fact, one of the few and proud that does train calves, diligently, When the Daily Dispatch visited the Welsh camp, Qhushu was busy, But as the election campaign gains momentum, young Sinn Fein canvassers will be, He is now on the look out for a kind sponsor to help kit him out for the next six months he will spend, As she stepped forward a couple of younger boys came, It was like one of those captivating heavyweight fights where the challenger takes a, Taylor's funk-influenced style hearkens back to the days when Motown was, There was one other guest by the pool, an old, old woman in a one-piece with a skirt, wearing a sunhat tilted to shade her from the last of the, This year, however, Democratic dominance at, By your third or fourth at-bat, your hand has taken a, But the storm's winds and rain are still pretty much, The sense of punishing frustration is heightened by the, It's not unique or massively challenging but contains all the, Many a freshly unboxed coffee machine will be taking a. 2 Heart pounding hard, she sat on the bed and pulled out her cell phone. Synonyms: 1.Bombardment 2. It was too early for the vamps to be in the gym, so she stripped down to her undershirt without changing into her sparring gear and began pounding into the dummy in front of her. Walking up to the very edge, she stared down at the turbulent waves, It was originally a wooden structure, but a large wave back in the 19th century put paid to that in one easy. You can't concentrate, and your heart is pounding. She gasped and stepped away, heart pounding. Is your head pounding or are your hands trembling? No quiet strategizing or silent plotting, you're always slapping the stylus around the touch screen with your heart pounding out of your chest. Her head was pounding and her throat was dry. Gradually the nausea abated and the pounding in her head stopped. Each step is repeated until the symptoms of fear (such as pounding heart and sweating palms) disappear. Heart pounding, she trotted down the sloping trail, glancing nervously at the hill to make sure she didn't suddenly fall off her path. (hammering) ropotitor adj. Saddened, she considered calling him to check in when a sudden pounding at the door made her jump. He began pounding his fist into his hand. One side effect is that it is hard to hear other people when your blood is pounding in your ears, so there is a … Santina, a gorgeous innocent looking brunette takes her pounding like a trooper, but the winner of this vid is definitely Sara. Carmen woke to the feel of water pounding on her legs. With a groan, she dropped back onto the bed, her head pounding. Looking for sentences with "Pounding"?Here are some examples. pulvis, pulveris, dust), the small loose particles into which solid matter is disintegrated by such processes as grinding, crushing, pounding, &c., hence any preparation which takes the form of such loose uncompacted particles, the most familiar example of such preparation being that of gunpowder. A single person can make a small amount of fufu, In Africa, fufu is made by boiling plantain, cassava, or rice, and then, Surely everyone must have been able to hear the erratic, I was dozing happily this morning when I became conscious of four little paws, The piano music rose to a crescendo, the pianist, However, you will be able to dispatch most of these opponents by, She was standing right in front of the door with a giant umbrella in her hand and started, It goes with the territory when you weigh 255 pounds and lack elusiveness and opponents have been, As I moved cautiously back to my room, my heart never stopped, The man's eyes darted open as he glanced around the room for a moment, heart, There are countless others including some recently written that would take very little to get the blood, She was weak, now, even with the vampiric blood, He could feel the sweats in his hands, and the heartbeat, Leanne's outrage returned and she flung her mother aside, her feet, Before he had time to respond the blonde was already, The ability to think rationally flooded out of her as she heard his heavy footsteps, Finally, he vanished from sight and she heard the sound of horses hooves rapidly, It is all too easy to sneak out of the apartment now, and within the space of five minutes, my footsteps are, For example, I was trying to mash up some potatoes, and I guess I was, In a server market with millions of units shipped overall per quarter, it is, In any case, the law has returned in the form of a local policeman, He lathered up in the shower, the water pricking and, Though he had years of experience in gliding, the intrepid experimenter's heart was, There are washes of fuzz and two drummers, The fighting became so intense it disturbed the derelicts outside, who began screaming and, Which means that this winter promises to be a blur of, My whole body trembled as I forced the muscles to move, the blood still, Hadleigh blinked and covered her eyes wishing that her, He breathed in huge gulps of air as the heavy, It stands to reason that the Philippine armed forces contained the rebellion by, There was a dull sound in the air, like the, They could hear him running down the corridor, feet, Capoeira, for those not in the know, is a Brazilian martial art form that blends acrobatics and dance with, His nerves jittered a little to see the massive beast, Wedges were then inserted into these holes and the block of stone was broken loose by, They both froze, listening to the quick rasps of each other's breaths over the thunderous, Sara ran as fast as she could, her breath rasping in her throat and blood, The full-length keel aids in directional stability as well as dampening roll and the deep forefoot helps to prevent. A unit of apothecary weight equal to 12 ounces (373.242 grams). See Table at measurement. Where are the fireworks and the pounding hearts of love at first sight? 4. a. At the same time, they are robust enough to resist the heavy point load of exercise machines together with regular pounding produced. 3. a. —and, with his heart pounding, lowered the box into the terrarium and opened the lid. Pounding as a Noun Definitions of "Pounding" as a noun. The Germans quickly retaliated to the pounding we were giving them, and we soon suffered our first casualties. pounding adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." Taran kept his gaze steady, his heart pounding. Her heart pounding, she took his hand and led him off the verandah into the garden where they could speak privately. "Will you let me try?" See pound-mass. Cheer extreme is exciting, heart-pounding, lights flashing, music pounding, soaring through the air fun. pound 1 (pound) n. 1. Attack 7. This essential oil, as an article of commerce, is prepared by roughly pounding the bark, macerating it in sea-water, and then quickly distilling the whole. The pounding started to subside and the blood had soothed his throat somewhat. A pounding at the door made him snap awake. The man beside Lana rocked back suddenly, pounding his gun on the ground as it jammed. she shouted, pounding on his chest. he asked, heart pounding hard. I was the one who came pounding on your door, not the other way around... remember? Aerobic exercise is the kind that keeps your heart pounding for a while, utilizing the air you breathe to power a complex, calorie-burning process. In the afternoon she may well have spent several hours pounding millet for the family's meal that evening. pounding meaning: 1. a heavy attack or defeat: 2. a regular sound of something hitting something else or of a loud…. Sentence Examples.

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