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Surveys and Inspections

This non-destructive technique offers a full geometric analysis with a rapid turnaround time, providing client’s the ability to generate an accurate 3D model of the ocean floor.
Geotechnical surveys identify any possibility of hard ground, reefs, shallows, and man-made debris when trenching design and equipment needs are being planned.
A high-precision method for conducting bathymetric surveys obtained at water depths and seabed gradients over the corridor along the proposed pipeline routes. During data acquisition, the data density should be sufficient to ensure that 95% of the processed bins contain a minimum of four valid depth points.
Ideal equipment for efficiently creating images of large areas of the seafloor, for a wide variety of purposes, including creation of nautical charts, detection and identification of underwater objects and bathymetric features.
Acoustic Sub-Bottom Profiling (SBP) systems are used to determine physical properties of the sea floor and to image and characterise geological information a few meters below the seafloor.
3D-mapping: OASIS deploys the latest in 3D-mapping technology, providing clients with the ability to produce digital copies of high-value and historically-significant assets.

Marine environmental impact assessments: Accurate water quality testing, determining oil levels left behind on wreck sites and measuring thermal plumes help assess the overall health of a particular marine environment.

Seabed Sampling

Collecting sediment from the ocean floor; steel tube sections are lowered into sediment at a set speed, allowing clients to pull up a deep-core sample for further analysis.
Dredging operations gather loose rocks, silt, sand and other materials for a variety of reasons – including sampling.
This sampling work complements both our geophysical survey and geotechnical projects.

Vessel & ROV Solutions

These are used to transport windfarm technicians and other personnel to and from sites a daily basis.
These vessels provide logistic support and transportation of goods, tools, equipment and personnel to and from offshore oil platforms and other offshore structures.
Used for ocean floor exploration and inspections at depths, these tools are a safe alternative to human divers, and often used in offshore energy projects and deep archaeological investigations.
Ideal for moderate to deep depth projects, large extensions such as laser scanners or specialised inspection devices and sensors can be added on.
Used to explore lakes, rivers and coastal waters, versatile vehicles which can be equipped with sonar and custom sensors. A safe alternative to manned missions and inspections.
The smallest ROV class, often used to inspect hard-to-reach areas at shallow depths, such as pipe systems and submerged infrastructure.

Tailored High-Spec Equipment

To ensure that the highest quality of data is produced, OASIS is committed to employing the latest equipment on the market.

We work with a wide network of marine experts with proven track record in ROV deployment, incorporating sub-SLAM cameras which deliver underwater live 3D point clouds and navigation with millimetric precision. This, combined with our large established network of vessel suppliers, ensure that clients have the right equipment for each individual project.

Data Analysis & Reporting

OASIS employs a flexible approach to data analysis & reporting, defined by and suited to each client’s individual needs.
Whether that consists of 3-D mosaic reports using point cloud for location accuracy, or the production of 3-D models using photogrammetry – OASIS will ensure accurate reporting in line with your projects needs.

3D Digital Twinning

OASIS use the latest 3D digital twinning technology to create a virtual model of the asset for inspection.

Using high-spec sensors to collect 3D spatial and high-resolution data of assets, combined with our expert defect analysis, provides you with a detailed 3D report to aid condition monitoring and help identify problems before they occur.

Arrange a consultation with our maritime industry specialist and discover how our unique and flexible solutions can help your business.

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