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Transmission Tower & Power Grid Inspection Solutions

OASIS use automated drones flight paths optimised using GPS coordinates for maximum efficiency and precision, meaning inspections are easily repeatable for consistent corridor mapping.
Assessing the condition and orientation of all components is a time consuming and high-risk process. Remote drone inspections are low risk and each tower takes only 30 minutes to inspect.

We use drones to inspect transmission towers and power grids, specifically for:

Consistent and reliable corridor mapping.
Lack of productivity.
Assess the condition and orientation of all components of the towers.
– Locating High Voltage hotspots.
Digital Twinning enables you to create an online 3D copy of your assets, giving you the ability to make better decisions, build up historical data sets and visualise your entire network.
Defect consequences result in lack of productivity, lost revenue and financial liabilities.

Providing reliable and repeatable inspections, with in-depth data capture and automated defect identification ensures defects are identified easily therefore maintaining maximum productivity and profitability.

Bridge & Dam Inspection Solutions

OASIS offer consistent drone-based inspection of full asset portfolios including facias, identifying oxidation (blisters / rust), repairs, corrosion, wear and tear.
Bridges and dams can suffer from a wide range of issues from overtopping due to poor design and blockage of spillways, to foundation instability which can be affected by uneven terrain and earthquakes, and cracking & piping which can form sinkholes.
OASIS perform consistent, repeatable inspections to cover the entire asset and ensure reliable condition monitoring.
Concrete structures with developing issues are an increasing danger for serious accidents but are difficult to identify. Using our in-house methods combining optical and thermal sensors, we can inspect concrete materials for sub-surface damage before it’s visible to the human eye.

Building Inspection Solutions

OASIS uses top-spec drones with integrated high-resolution sensors to assess the condition of the roof, gutters, chimneys, flashings, roof mapping.

Inspection solutions include:

– Facias.
Identification of oxidization (blisters / rust).
Repairs, corrosion, wear and tear.
Full roof measurement report.
Roof condition and advisory report by RICS chartered surveyors.
Remote drone-based inspections are safer to personnel onsite, providing more accurate data to identify problems such as compartmentation – fire breaks and partition surveying and air tests for seal quality.
OASIS high-end thermal sensors can inspection buildings for heat loss to inform on the quality of insulation and identify inefficiencies.

Railway Inspection Solutions

Traditional inspection methods are very time consuming and can lack the in-depth data required for accurately identifying problems in advance on railway lines and the surrounding areas.

OASIS drone-based inspection solutions are quick and easy to mobilise, providing significantly faster data capture. Removing the need to physically access the tracks; meaning a reduction in expense of possessions, line blocks and closures, as well as inspection planning times.
OASIS utilises high-spec drones to inspect railways for surface and sub-surface damage, with optimised sensors for condition monitoring the local environment to ensure predictive maintenance techniques.

Our data analysis and reporting can provide insights into:

Detecting paint corrosion and mortar loss from structures -expensive IRATA access techniques.
Invasive weed plants.
Locating high voltage OHLE hotspots.
Full site surveys prior to new developments and maintenance – e.g. locating buried cables.
OASIS unique mix of optical and thermographic inspections can detect both surface and sub-surface defects accurately across all railway components, such as:

Track ballast
Rail sleeper (railroad ties, railway ties or crossties)
Rail fish plate (fish bolt, rail joint bar, splice bar)
Rail fasteners
Remote drone-based inspections are safer to personnel onsite, providing more accurate data to identify problems, and provide a safer solution to working in confined spaces inspection with health and safety risks such as Weil’s disease, Cryptococcus disease, etc.

OASIS Pilots Qualifications and Experience

All OASIS drone pilots are fully qualified with industry specific experience; we ensure our pilots have as a minimum:

  • PfCO/ GVC with a minimum of 50 hours flight time.
  • GWO (for offshore inspections).
  • Insurance coverage in line with client needs.
  • Evidence of experience and flight hours with specific platforms, as per project requirements.

Data Analysis & Reporting

OASIS uses clever software to securely analyse all data captured and AI to automatically identify defects. Clients can access their suite of reports in a user-friendly portal that provides a clear dashboard view with easy access to drill down into specific asset inspections.

Tailored High-Spec Equipment

OASIS will consult with you every step of the way, to tailor the suite of equipment used for your inspection; bespoke to your needs.

As subject matter experts, we only use the best, proven technologies available, from robust industrial drones with high-end sensors, to compact urban solutions – we guarantee that the right equipment will be used to achieve optimal results.

Arrange a consultation with our Infrastructure Industry
specialists and discover how our unique drone
technology can help your business

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