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OASIS Solutions

Drones are excellent tools, ideal for onshore and offshore use, for monitoring cliff erosion, loss of biodiversity, landscape aerial mapping (topographical surveying), disease spread, the encroachment of non-native species, species reintroduction, pollution and fly-tipping.
Remotely viewing wildlife ecology, populations and behaviour, and building up historical data sets is important environmental work that can be carried out quickly, easily and with little cost compared to traditional methods. Drones can help with: species identification, disease monitoring and spread, evidencing loss of habitat and biodiversity, encroachment of non-native species, species reintroduction monitoring, pollution monitoring and evidencing and fly tipping.
Trees, boundaries, aquatic and land environments can be mapped to accurately represent the details of natural spaces. Scaled, mapped outputs are the perfect resources for land owners / managers to establish the position and shape of natural features of any given area. Our drone technologies and reports can be used for man-made environments too!
Environmental catastrophes, incidences and problems are occuring on an increasing basis – worldwide – this trend is set to increase, in both frequency and ferocity. Drones are quick to mobilise and can be available, on call, for emergency situations; they quickly survey any habitat and can report on the situation in real-time, or, remotely evidence the damage for records. These tools are the easiest and safest to deploy in or after floods, fires, explosions, landslides and storms.


“We are very happy with all of the outputs, and understanding of the technical glitches that occur when working on and transferring this kind of very high quality and resolution data. The communications throughout were excellent and we would definitely consider using OASIS again for this type of work.”

Dr Kerry Marten: Senior Scientist, Coasts & Oceans. HR Wallingford. October (2020)

OASIS Pilots Qualifications and Experience

All OASIS drone pilots are fully qualified with industry specific experience; we ensure our pilots have as a minimum:

  • PfCO/ GVC with a minimum of 50 hours flight time.
  • GWO (for offshore inspections).
  • Insurance coverage in line with client needs.
  • Evidence of experience and flight hours with specific platforms, as per project requirements.

Data Analysis & Reporting

OASIS team of experts will work with our clients during consultation to accurately document requirements and ensure all data is securely analysed in-line with client needs and reported accurately with evidence based data.

Tailored High-Spec Equipment

OASIS will consult with you every step of the way, to tailor the suite of equipment used for your inspection; bespoke to your needs.

As subject matter experts, we only use the best, proven technologies available, from robust industrial drones with high-end sensors, to compact urban solutions – we guarantee that the right equipment will be used to achieve optimal results.

Arrange a consultation with our Environmental Industry
specialists and discover how our unique drone
technology can help your business.

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