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Wind Turbine Inspection Solutions

Drones can easily remotely access onshore and offshore assets without rope access, ground platforms & with less personnel required.
Blade and tower issues result in a lack of productivity, lost revenue and financial liabilities. We can survey turbines regularly to ensure maximum reliability, productivity and profitability.

We use drones to inspect wind turbines blades and towers, specifically looking for:

Catastrophic failure / failure points
Rotor hub defects and damage
Tower seam degradation
Leading edge erosion
Wind turbine generators with developing issues are an increasing danger for serious accidents but are difficult to identify. Using our in-house methods combining optical and thermal sensors, we can inspect the blade composite materials for sub-surface damage before it’s visible to the human eye.
Traditional manned survey methods take 3 x days to complete a blade inspection for 1 x wind turbine.

Solar Farm Inspection Solutions

Solar farms can cover large surface areas; assessing the condition and orientation of all components is a time consuming and high-risk process.

OASIS offers efficient solar inspections from an aerial perspective, providing substantially quicker solutions compared to terrestrial options.
Solar panel defect consequences result in lack of productivity, lost revenue and financial liabilities. OASIS inspections can identify:

Panel defect/degradation identification
Emissivity and efficiency of solar cells
OASIS uses thermal technology to consistently gather accurate data, allowing for a better understanding of the efficiency of a solar panel, aid predictive maintenance and help increase the lifespan of a solar panel.

OASIS Pilots Qualifications and Experience

All OASIS drone pilots are fully qualified with industry specific experience; we ensure our pilots have as a minimum:

  • PfCO/ GVC with a minimum of 50 hours flight time.
  • GWO (for offshore inspections).
  • Insurance coverage in line with client needs.
  • Evidence of experience and flight hours with specific platforms, as per project requirements.

Data Analysis & Reporting

OASIS uses clever software to securely analyse all data captured and AI to automatically identify defects. Clients can access their suite of reports in a user-friendly portal that provides a clear dashboard view with easy access to drill down into specific asset inspections.

Tailored High-Spec Equipment

OASIS will consult with you every step of the way, to tailor the suite of equipment used for your inspection; bespoke to your needs.

As subject matter experts, we only use the best, proven technologies available, from robust industrial drones with high-end sensors, to compact urban solutions – we guarantee that the right equipment will be used to achieve optimal results.

Arrange a consultation with our Energy Industry
specialist and discover how our unique drone
technology can help your business

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