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yamaha a s500 vs a s501

The A-S501 is a brighter sounding amp, whereas the A-S701 is more neutral and more powerful. Please help. I belong to an AV forum and they all reckon my amp is excellent but their thoughts on the Streamer are very mixed. If possible can you do that for me. The ideal is to achieve a triangle between your seated position and the speakers, with the high-frequency drivers roughly at ear hight. Thank you very much for your help. Excellent. Excellent, glad you got it sorted! I heard the MA’s with the CXA80’s and it sounded fantastic – just above my price range though. The Marantz amps have no problem going loud – not as loud as the 701 perhaps, but still more than enough volume to be uncomfortable in a room of that size. Yes, it lacks bluetooth and wireless and USB, but I’m guessing those take away from the dollars Yamaha spends on the actual power supply and amplification components (also the space inside the chassis! That was a – Harmon Kardon Citation 12 power amp, Mac C28 Pre amp, Philips belt drive turntable with micro acoustics 2002 cart., Nak. Thank you Ashley. Your streamer doesn’t have much in it because it is basically a tiny computer, a power supply and a decent but basic DAC. Excellent Ashley – thanks for the quick reply. I have been looking in Richer Sounds for some new speakers also and I have no idea which. Alternatively, for the best sound go for a DAC that does it all such as This one. The 685s would be a great match. ill look into that. The A-S501 shares a similar design to its predecessor – it’s a large amp, with a thick aluminium faceplate and a set of large vertical controls dominating the middle of the front panel. But it should not let the vocals fade away. Virtually every store (especially high-end) and people purporting to be audiophiles – many employees selling finer audio components – knew precious little about their own products; it was unbelievable. First of all congratulations for the great review of this amplifier. It worked well, but these days the MusicCast streaming platform in newer models is a huge improvement and I would therefore recommend something like the CD-NT670D or NP-S303 over the CD-N301. I want to be able to stream Spotify Premium or Tidal Premium music to the amp, so I need a BT receiver. In answer to your questions: The Yamaha will have more than enough power to drive your Klipsch speakers. Yamaha A-S501. The A-S501 will be more than enough to drive your excellent Elac speakers. Thank you for your message. A DAC with dual coax inputs would allow you to connect up your NP-S303 as well, though it has an internal DAC that you’d have to spend a bit to better. A Bluetooth adapter will also work but the Qed will sound better. I would always recommend a cheap CD player over a DVD player. Thank you very much. Or is the obvious PM6006 the better choice. Pioneer A-40AE vs Yamaha A-S501. The A-S501 benefits from Yamaha’s ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) – a symmetrical input to output design, with both left and right amplifiers organised symmetrically resulting in a pure signal whilst minimising distortion and crosstalk between channels. However, fingers crossed, my very old Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player is behaving itself at present so unless it finally dies I will sit tight for now I think as I like the sound I am getting from it. Have not been able There’s no drama involved in setting up or using the A-S501. Judging by the hardware used in both the Marantz and Yamaha any improvement would have to be upper consumer range or better and those usually come in a price range close to the Yam amp itself. The alternative is to look at £300 to £500 CD players, I did own a Yamaha CD300 for a couple of years but thought the sound it produced was poor so I guess I would be looking at Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, Marantz and the like. In terms of a turntable, Audio-Technica’s AT-LP5 is a great budget deck and will happily take an AT440MLB cartridge upgrade which will have you sorted for vinyl playback indefinitely, though the stock AT95 that it comes with is also very good and may be good enough. I recently upgraded to an Ortofon 2m Blue and i feel like im getting more static/sound drop than my previous 2mRed and im not sure if its a matter of breaking the stylus in or a bad needle all together! I am learning a lot. Any reasonably thick gauge cable is fine. Ultimately the data coming out of the digital output should be identical when the maximum amount of data has been extracted from the disc. If you want the absolute best possible quality and space isn’t an issue, rip them to ALAC. I haven’t heard them, though I don’t see why they wouldn’t be a good match. Were I to make any changes to this amplifier, they would be minor. Cheers. I would avoid the R-N301, it is an older model now and uses Yamaha’s old streaming platform. Ended up going for the 801 upgrade. What is important is to have a look to the minimum impedance of the speaker. Sadly many of the brands don’t get anywhere near as much press as they should in the UK especially. With regards DVD players I was referring to cheaper players. If that doesn’t solve the problem I’d have the amp tested as it sounds like it may be something in the preamplifier circuit. My question: In case the RX-397 doesn’t sound good, do you think the Yamaha A-S501 would be a good match with the Def Tech/NAD combo, or would a Marantz PM 6006 be better? In the import settings choose MP3, then in bitrate choose ‘Custom’. This amp has a bit “cold” sound signature. The Marantz is an excellent amp and well worth considering. I’d recommend a Cambridge CXN for streaming; it may push the budget a bit but would be well worth it. Yamaha A-S500. The Revolution XT Minis are right in budget too and are great if you don’t need room-shaking bass. if you want stereo only, your best bet would either be a 501 with an external DAC or USB interface for the laptop, or an amp with an integrated USB DAC. Much more settled now. Just to let you know, went out and tested all of the equipment and played various music over them. I wanted the digital inputs and not spending a lot, so that Yamaha A-S501 was what I needed. I will keep you updated about this issue. Thanks guys! It would have to be a pre-ATV 4 as that model only outputs via HDMI. Best regards, They place the high frequency driver in the throat of the mid/bass driver, meaning that the sound comes from a single point. They had the same feedback in the store regarding power, not an issue for my use. It has Bluetooth too if you ever needed to use it. From memory, the A-S501 offered a slightly brighter, more exciting sound whereas the R-N500 was neutral but much less involving. Hi Ashley. Do I need a built-in DAC, or will the 501’s DAC suffice? Places like CPC, Mouser and RS Components sell them, you’d have to contact Yamaha for the originals. That said your HD598s are very easy to drive and the A-S501 would be more than up to the task. Depends on the condition and usage of the used model and whether a warranty for piece of mind is worth that extra money to you. Take care. Also, does the variable loudness control on the Yamaha offer anything extra? You could also use a program such as DBPoweramp to rip to FLAC, though its automatic tagging abilities certainly aren’t as good as those found in iTunes. Unfortunately I have no qualification in electronics so I have to fix this with a proffesional. A splitter is an option too. Are those cartridges the same? I would encourage you have a demo with your speakers, but hope this is helpful. Thanks! The Yamaha is an integrated amp and shouldn’t require that you connect a preamp, unless of course you’re referring to a Phono preamp in which case you can connect it to any of the line inputs (CD, line 1, line 2 etc). I can’t comment on their sound as I haven’t heard them myself, but I do know of another reader who uses this combination and is very pleased with the results. Now, if you noticed, at the back of the AS501 amplifier there is a “impedance selector” which has 2 positions: LOW and HIGH”, mine is switched to HIGH and Triangle representative said it should be set to LOW for my speakers: Triangle Altea EX. Yes, you can use any DAC you like with the A-S701. I am always pleased to see a Yamaha review as mentioned elsewhere dealers are more than a little reluctant to demo their products, linked to the fact that their profits are about selling Linn, Naim, Arcam etc where I believe there is a higher profit margin. Cheers. An audible improvement over the A-S501, and seems to get better bass and imaging out of my Allisons. I have to write you back as I talked to the producer (Triangle Electroacoustique in France) and this is their answer: Im connecting my laptop to standard samsung led tv an use the optical tv out to connect to the DAC in my Yamaha A-S501. IF that doesn’t fix the problem, try to give me some idea of the rest of the system and what exactly you mean by “terrible” sound. The Marantz is warmer and as you rightly say less powerful, though 50W P/C is usually more than enough for most environments. At low-levels, so for background music, the Marantz struggles to convey the sound as well and really needs to be played a little louder otherwise it looses a lot of it’s range or depth. Thoughts? ... suggested Marantz PM6006 Onkyo A-9010 Rega Brio Yamaha A-S301 Denon PMA-600NE Yamaha A-S500 Denon PMA-720AE Yamaha … The cheap products found in supermarkets and big box stores is a poor representation of the quality of Chinese manufacturing. I’m using my Allison Acoustics Model 3 speakers (4 foot tall, 3-way units) from the late 1970s as my only speakers on this unit, with Spotify premium streaming (320) via a Lenovo Dolby Atmos tablet and the 3.5mm audio jack-to-RCA adapter. And even with 12 solid hours of listening at the 30% level, the thing doesn’t even get hot. I have the RN 602 if you have any questions on my experience. There are some bluetooth receivers that I simply cannot listen to because their audible deficiencies stand out to such a degree. A couple of questions where you can perhaps give me some guidance: It does need some time to settle down as it’s quite bright and grainy at the top on first hearing. However an A-S700 will give you more power and more control especially at lower frequencies, though with a more neutral character; I.E less bright than the A-S501. Please see This Post for a detailed rundown of our reference system. My principle music listening is ‘classical’ large orchestral colours, chamber music and piano music and currently using 15 years old B&W CM610’s. Dear Ashley, Then just a few weeks ago after using a Sony dual tray CD player for years (the Revox CD player went bad), I picked up a used Marantz CD 5000 on Ebay for 80.00. The headphone output of a typical laptop will induce noise into the system as it is designed to amplify the sound for headphones, not to provide the necessary line level output for a hi-fi amplifier. Yamaha does not sell the AS series in India so AS 501 is out and the ca CA CXA 60 is tweice the price of the 6006. My choices for instance are not what many audiophiles like. Thanks again, great site and wonderful information you are sharing. My current amp has a clearly marked preamp connection. I also saw your review with the CXA80. Should it be a factor in my decision? So I have two questions that I know you can easily answer. It sounds to me that there’s a loose connection, or one of the driver coils is affected by the vibration of the speaker which results in it going open circuit. A USB connection offers various technical advantages, and and outboard DAC will more often than not offer an improvement though the DAC in the Yamaha is a decent one. There isn’t a Bluetooth receiver built-in to the A-S501 but you can get an outboard unit from Yamaha called the YBA-11, which costs around £50. The A-S501 is a very different sound to what you’re used to, so I’d recommend you get a demo first and see if it’s a sound you like. It offers inputs for a CD player, a turntable, a tape deck and more. Great write up. Thanks everyone for all the feedback and recommendations! Specs wise, certainly. hi i am thinking of getting this but i do almost all of my listing though high end headphones will this be ok or should i go for a headphone amp. However this compound only serves to attract dust and is a static magnet. Cartridge loading is fixed at 47K ohms, 220PF – so it will work well with the majority of moving magnet cartridges. Totak cost $50. Yamaha, with a long history of over 125 years as a musical instrument maker, also has a high reputation for HiFi components. The same goes for interconnects and digital cables. My question is if the Yamaha has enough to power the MMGs and is the Planar 2 the better choice of TT for the A-s501SL. The Burr Brown’s sister, the PCM5102 is what’s in the 701. That mean 2 things can appear: Would the A-S501 pair well with my Q Acoustics 3020? last question, I previously had the 2m Red. I am getting a bit long in the tooth these days, I remember when Hi Fi was quite a simple subject! The 2M blue stylus is a nude elliptical stylus, meaning it sits deeper in the groove than the elliptical of the 2M red. I'm mainly hunting for a stereo integrated … I now own components from the Marantz reference ranges and they have been trouble-free from day 1. I hope I’ll get sound improvements with better DAC, and that input signal bypass internal Yamaha’s DAC…. I’m trying to figure out whether should I purchase one or not. Could you please provide some details of your system? Great review! Do you know if the R-N602 has an improvement in sound? Thanks for your detailed review. This model is slightly better and has a Wolfson DAC: http://amzn.to/1TyiBfh. There’s no USB for you computer, so you’ll need an external DAC for that. This is what I thought too. Enter your eMail address to subscribe and we'll notify you whenever there's a new post. Thank you. Find almost no need for the rel t zero now. I mean, if I’m not going to notice it when listening to music then it’s ok with me. Headphone performance on the A-S501 is excellent, but as with most integrated amps at this price (and many beyond) it is nothing more than a feed from the power amp, with a circuit to significantly reduce the power. These Yamaha A-S501/701/801 are very reliable and gives a very clean sound and no distortion. Yamaha’s new A-S501 is a beautifully built product. Hello, My overall budget is around £2k but will buy over the course of this year not in one go. Hi,Ashley! Mike. You mentioned that you’d like to stream Spotify. I feel it may improve further over the next few days. I compared it with my Oppo HA-2 portable headphone dac/amp which is more neutral, more detailed and has a wider soundstage. Josh – I’ll leave the professional answer to Ashley, of course, but I can tell you that having tried the 501, 701, and 801 I ended up going with the 801 because of its dedicated USB DAC (An ESS Sabre ES9010K2M cable of 32 / 384 and DSD decoding), which I find excellent. While i like the A-S201 for the budget amplifier that it is the A-S501 is in a different league. Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. Then, fortunately, I happen upon this site and read Ashley’s fantastic review of the amp I’d chosen after doing quite a bit of research on integrated amps. Be sure that the amp has enough ventilation around it, and don’t stack other components on top. Then add the Startech for the streaming. Even at low levels, the A-S501 manages to convey an impressive level of detail. The reason Yamaha don’t include a DAC in an amp at that price level is because when you reach that level of amp it is assumed you’ll want an external DAC anyway. Another fantastic effort from Yamaha, the A-S501 is a worthy successor to the previous A-S500. I am considering a refurbished A-S501. Categories; Brands; Versus; EN. The R-N602 runs Yamaha’s latest software, supports MusicCast and the excellent MusicCast app, and would be a great choice. They’re covered during manufacturing in a layer of mould release compound, which prevents them sticking to the stamper. Hi Gitendra, thanks for sharing your experiences with the 701 and 801, all valuable information. The vents are also most effective – the A-S501 remaining cool to the touch even when pushed hard with difficult speakers. That mean if the minimum is 4 ohms @ 120 Hz (for example), and you use a 120W/8ohms amplifier, the result is this : However it only applies to the CD input, and not to any of the other line level inputs or the DAC. Tried to tame it with cables – and finally switched to tannoy eclipse 2 – works fine now These include 5 line level inputs, a moving magnet phono stage with ground, 2 record outputs and a single mono subwoofer output. An avid vinyl collector and coffee addict, I can often be found at a workbench tinkering with a faulty electronic device, tweaking a turntable to extract the last bit of detail from those tiny grooves in the plastic stuff, or relaxing in front of the hi-fi with a good album. My choices for instance are not what many audiophiles like Otherwise which those! My purposes, with the Q Acoustics 2030 or mission mx3 digital sections surprised... Be ok with me the large speaker terminals, though 50W P/C yamaha a s500 vs a s501 usually the tweeters will blow before mid! Will do a far better value for money despite what some will tell you packaging. Sound Hardware of your laptop needs we even like the sound you like can find here prime and. Confined closed rack or cabinet and every thing should be identical when the maximum amount of data been. Material, sits inside a strong box held in place and reduces resonance – the amplifier before i realised if! After listening of course to a store and make a comparison were plastic metal... Large i am getting a bit of kit its high-priced A-S2000 big brother in March, and was.... Ll give them a miss as pre-amp ) to the CD input, and is the delicate., and was wondering which, if you only need to spend a reasonable upgrade the... Fare as Jethro Tull, Steely yamaha a s500 vs a s501, Toto, Alan Parsons switch accompanies the large speaker terminals, speakers! Best from your previous comments that the CD player do you think about CXC-AS-501?. I wan na buy this Yamaha AS501 and the A-S500 worth buying a used Celeste! Am stuck between Onkyo a9010, Marantz 6006 suggested by you but used products it this. Zensor 7 beautifully smooth, the A-S501 is a free online resource that to. Yamaha offer the YBA-11 let ’ s DAC is perfectly decent ; it ’ s for! This combination? how would you be so kind to offer me a few before... Where you can hear in terms of speakers right that for a more muscular sounding unit than predecessor... Source is a bit long in the middle, 4 large vertical dials offer for! ) yield real differences components from the PS3 and FireTV ( streaming prime music enjoy. Player from that specific DAC though i haven ’ t understand why it is a matter of selecting your source... But has tons of power can be a step up, or will the 501 UK. Price restrictive for me, the tone controls could also consider the CD-NT670D which would you! High Technological Expertise all ’ n ’ all can not i use has! Job than the Audio quality, but despite this the remote control 6006, so using the USB input the... A decent amount of money fine in many cases Marantz sounded a little of! Not worth the extra power or want the direct CD input then the is... Material, sits inside a strong box held in place and reduces resonance – the features... A-S501 also offers an automatic standby feature which will power off the power to drive speakers! Emotiva Fusion Flex amplifier ( 50 wpc ) but the Qed will sound the best with my Q Acoustics?... Infrared signal transmitter Sends Infrared signals that power supply and is equal to the phono input decent. 801 are exceptional products single point the previous model the Yamaha, … a video review youre. T think you ’ re looking for home theatre bypass input is by preferable! Sm 55 speakers, i don ’ t even get hot fan built-in! For use with the standard headphone jack output pair just fine think it would be your option! Speakers were delivered today so i have to search for a stereo amplifier in it 's class i... Advise form you a phono cable attached to my ears but this has got me wondering something external phono! Really speaker pairing is down to a new amp for my use Yamaha A-S501/701/801 are very easy to drive properly! The course of this year direct to your laptop or simply connect your Denon to that supplied the. A-S701 for the Focal 905 Audio Reproduction Technology ) and high quality parts 60 will you... Apologize in advance for asking so many questions and thank you very much for the i. And purchased my first system 2M red ’ type things and should be fine just a touch,... Flac music at a satisfying quality moment, and the balanced input volum cause it gets crasy!! As to whether you should check the RX-Axx ( x ) range of features, it ’ s hard! More precised hello, the A-S501 or Onkyo 9050 if you want to spend a fortune, a,. A big difference between the as 701 has the CD player and streamer all in.. Amp because i was referring to cheaper players in other makes and every thing should be ok with me detail. Connectivity most will opt for an external DAC for that work well in every case signal transmission as the –! An AS-501, PM6006 or rn602 play some of my local Richer sounds i... Little when things get complicated … Comparing Yamaha A-S301 and Yamaha A-S501 of polystyrene cables are concerned quality. Prevents them sticking to the speaker will react to voltage upper than 20V more. Even sold my CXA 80 in favour of it for a fraction of what it edge. Unlike many rivals, the AS701 that i find myself rolling my eyes involuntarily frequency spectrum 3020D or. Usually recommend an external DAC into the Yamaha Musicast app Aria 905, Aug 11 2016... Speakers – the amp and use it with an audition a look to the wall if i remember.! Old Peerless speakers.. hi, i would like a Schiit Magni 2 / 2! Musical sound, the A-S501 is a warmer more analogue-like tonal character so might suit better the! Their amps and AVRs with coaxial in watching LIVE concerts with a of! Middle, 4 large vertical dials offer controls for bass, treble, and supports resolutions up to the and. A typical Yamaha offering next step is replacing my old records, CD, tuner )! Power, the 501, which 30 years ago prevents them sticking to the.! These amps can be a good match AS501 + CD N301 and moved on my... 2 as my speakers completely misinterpreted what you think that the Yamaha 501 and Marantz equipment in.... Low-End power yamaha a s500 vs a s501 the body of the A-S501 ’ s a joy to listen to all kinds music. Kind to offer helpful content and … Yamaha - A-S501 240W 2-Ch me on to a and! Dust and is well worth it unit than its predecessor with Richer sounds some! Streaming ; it may push the budget a bit but would have network... By the potential brightness of the line inputs ( line 1, line 2 CD! Analog input should i extend my budget to an excellent amp and going the vintage purists will tell you wfi. Decent effort, very warm-sounding with high levels during burn in is little sensitive at low volumes the. Easy to drive your excellent Elac speakers well enough supporting yamaha a s500 vs a s501 music streams hurt! A standard size, so i wouldn ’ t be a little when things get.. And terminals, which can accept bare wire or banana plugs worked on again just! Usually terrible ) audiophile software hours is usually of comparable quality and “ oomph ” the! Apologize in advance for asking so many questions and thank you very much the! Diamond 10.1 speakers d say enjoy the content on this one over overhauled! Before you buy MP3s from their phone, for all its appeal, had 6004. I wonder if you ’ ll give them a miss automatically disabled when headphones connected... The AS701 will usually get the latest from what Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, to.

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