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supporting evidence in a sentence

Therefore, it’s crucial that we use appropriate, logical phrases that guide readers clearly from one idea to the next. Read a 'supporting… This is achieved; and Briinnhilde's horror and bewilderment at meeting Siegfried again as a stranger in his own shape creates a situation which Siegfried cannot understand, and which Hagen pretends to construe as damning evidence that Siegfried has betrayed Gunther's honour as well as Briinnhilde's. Good cytological evidence has been adduced in favor of both theories, but further investigation is necessary before any definite conclusion can be arrived at. If we transfer Christian evidence from the " historical " to the " philosophical " with H. (6) For Jesus' own resurrection several lines of evidence are alleged. If topic, conclusion, and transition sentences are the glue, then statements and their supporting evidence, examples, and details are the meat. One has hitherto supposed that he was related to the Mediterraneans, the race to which the Bronze Age Greeks and Italians belonged; but this supposed connexion may well break down in the matter of skull form, as the Hittite skull, like that of the modern Anatolian, probably inclined to be brachycephalic. - With the immense expansion of the evidence, due to the Cretan excavations, a question has arisen how far the Aegean civilization, whose total duration covers at least three thousand years, can be regarded as one and continuous. The evidence as set out by Darwin has been added to enormously; new knowledge has in many cases altered our conceptions of the mode of the actual process of evolution, and from time to time a varying stress has been laid on what are known as the purely Darwinian factors in the theory. While I had no direct evidence the attendees were all registered sex offenders, the way they nodded and agreed at the mention of deviant sexual behavior made me feel I might be unique among like penitents. The naïve impression that each period of history was handled by some more or less contemporary authority is not confirmed by a criticism which confines itself strictly to the literary evidence. - 17747308 She sat to pull on shoes and saw the scars around her wrists, evidence of her fight against the bindings Jilian used to strap her onto the table. For example, fossils and bones are evidence to support the accepted theory that dinosaurs once walked the earth. For the history of Pali before the canonical books were composed we have no direct evidence. In Elephantine, as in Nippur, the legal usages show that similar elements of Babylonio-Assyrian culture prevailed, and the evidence from two such widely separated fields is instructive for conditions in Palestine itself.3 20. The above gives some idea of the evidence that has been accumulated in favour of the laws of chemical combination, laws which can be deduced from the atomic theory. Thayer, with other essays, 1889), originally a lecture, and in spite of the compression due to its form, up to that time probably the ablest defence, based on external evidence, of the Johannine authorship, and certainly the completest treatment of the relation of Justin Martyr to this gospel. This goal may seem hard to achieve. Basic Paragraph Structure. The cerebral ganglia constitute an archicerebrum for the most part, there being no evidence that, as in the Arthropoda, a movement forward of post-oral ganglia has taken place. Where the material is fuller, serious discrepancies are found; and where external evidence is fortunately available, the independent character of the biblical history is vividly illustrated. Kalimat pertama merupakan topic sentence. 2 - The course of events from the middle of the 6th century B.C. TIER 1. adopt: to bring a child or pet into a family by choice. Though reckoned first headmaster of Eton, there is no definite evidence that he was. His constructive theory comes at the end, and seems to argue thus: Since (i) there is no discoverable reason why we 3 Mansel's theism (or natural theology), and the revelation he believes in, seem both of them pure matters of assertion on his part, without evidence, or even in the teeth of the evidence as he conceives it. Synonyms for supporting evidence include basis, grounds, rationale, reasoning, foundation, justification, rationalisation, rationalization, reason and base. All the evidence points to an accident. To explain, if you are looking to buy a car with a 1.5 liter (0.4 US gal) 4-cylinder that pumps out 62 horsepower, and 75 lb/ft of torque you will most likely want/need to go with a manual transmission. He was trying to find incriminating evidence on Yancey. But the evidence does not allow us to trace the earlier progress of the ideas. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. But this phylogenetic differentiation of the organs was not what Wolff and Goethe had in mind; what they contemplated was an ontogenetic change, and there is abundant evidence that such changes actually occur. The order must therefore be ancient, and as no evidence is forthcoming as to the mode of reduction of the hind-wings, nor as to the stages by which the suctorial mouth-organs became specialized, it is difficult to trace the exact relationship of the group, but the presence of cerci and a degree of correspondence in the nervuration of the forewings suggest the Mecaptera as possible allies. Neumayr finds evidence of the existence of a continent between Africa and South America, which protruded into the central North Atlantic, in Jurassic times. The evidence which has thus been briefly summarized, points unmistakably to the conclusion that existing vegetation originated in the northern hemisphere and under climatic conditions corresponding to what would now be termed sub-tropical. Such archaeological evidence as can be connected with the linguistic data will there be discussed. On the chromophoreauxochrome theory (the nitro group being the chromophore, and the hydroxyl the auxochrome) it is necessary in order to explain the high colour of the metallic salts and the colourless alkyl and aryl derivatives to assume that the auxochromic action of the hydroxyl group is only brought strongly into evidence by salt formation. The evidence supplied by this and other Cretan sites shows that the principal Minoan divinity was a kind of Magna Mater, a Great Mother or nature goddess, with whom was associated a male satellite. To the modern reader the importance of the Therapeutae, as of the Essenes, lies in the evidence they afford of the existence of the monastic system long before the Christian era. There is no reason to suppose that the peculiarities of the arctic flora are more modern than those of any other, though there is no fossil evidence to prove that it was not so. Nitzsch, however, held that this was a copyist's gloss, harmonizing with the received Boetius legend, which had been transferred to the text, and did not consider that it outweighed the opposing internal evidence from De Cons. The differences between the form of the written history and the conditions which prevailed have impressed themselves variously upon modern writers, and efforts have been made to recover from the Old Testament earlier forms more in accordance with the external evidence. to the close of the Persian period is lamentably obscure, although much indirect evidence indicates that this age holds the key to the growth of written biblical history. He is also to be credited with the abolition of the gladiatorial shows in 404 (although there is said to be evidence of their existence later), a reduction of the taxes, improvements in criminal law, and the reorganization of the defensores civitatum, municipal officers whose duty it was to defend the rights of the people and set forth their grievances. The evidence he secured led to the arrest, conviction, and execution or imprisonment of a large number of members during the years 1876-1877, and subsequently the outrages ceased and the society was disbanded. Though the Gilgamesh Epic is known to us chiefly from the fragments found in the royal collection of tablets made by Assur-bani-pal, the king of Assyria (668-626 B.C.) It has been remarked that there is evidence that the Malays had attained to a certain stage of civilization before ever they set foot in Malaya. Byron's description, "[The] immemorial wood Rooted where once the Adrian wave flowed o'er," is probably true; but there is no evidence that it was in historic time that this change took place. As the tench is of comparatively uncommon occurrence in unenclosed waters, its place among the indigenous fishes of Great Britain has been denied, and it has been supposed to have been introduced from the Continent; a view which, however, is not supported by any evidence, and is practically disposed of by the fact that fossil remains of the fish are found in the Pleistocene deposits of Great Britain. The most striking general change has been against seeing in the facts of ontogeny any direct evidence as to phylogeny. a. This, by the way, points to the conclusion that Babylonian (Sumerian) culture and art were considerably older than the Egyptian; but we have no definite evidence yet on this point.24 Later points of artistic connexion may be seen when we compare the well-known bronze statues of Pepi I. No evidence has yet been found of any alterations made, after that time, in Ceylon; but there were probably before that time, in India, other books, now lost, and other recensions of some of the above. Suatu supporting sentence bekerja antara lain: Jumlah data yang dikutip atau bukti yang didemonstrasikan perlu dipertimbangkan apakah cukup untuk membuktikan pendapat seorang penulis. Often it appears at (or near) the beginning of a paragraph, introducing the main idea and suggesting the direction that the paragraph will take. The evidence for the rite among the Greeks is sufficient to warrant the conclusion of its introduction at a very early period and its persistence to a late day. There is, however, no contemporary evidence for this, the only certain facts being that for two years Crichton served in the French army, and that in 1579 he arrived in Genoa. Sensational evidence of a mock burial was given by an American witness named Caldwell, and others; but eventually it was agreed that the grave at Highgate should be opened. GR.) i, 2, 3"; see Crete), there is evidence of a perfectly orderly and continuous evolution in, at any rate, ceramic art. Palaeontological evidence conclusively proves that the surface of the earth has been successively occupied by vegetative forms of increasing complexity, rising from the simplest algae to the most highly organized flowering plant. They stand or fall by the strength of the evidence for or against them. Certain central Aegean islands, Antiparos, Ios, Amorgos, Syros and Siphnos, were all found to be singularly rich in evidence of the middle-Aegean period. With regard to the date of the Psalms, internal evidence, from the nature of the case, leads to few results which are convincing. She skipped back to the jeep, her earlier reluctance nowhere in evidence. The herons, for instance, are much more Constrictipedes " than are the larks or the kingfishers, and, so far from the majority of " Inconstrictipedes " being polygamous, there is scarcely any evidence of polygamy obtaining as a habit among birds in a state of nature except in certain of the Gallinae and a very few others. Mansi, Hardouin, Hefele and Dale are in substantial agreement upon 305 or 306, and this is probably the closest approximation possible in the present state of the evidence. O The length of human intestines is better suited to digest food derived from plants than to digest meat. His work is always vigorous, but he imputes motives in the spirit of a partisan who never pauses to weigh the evidence or to take a comprehensive view of the situation. 188. There is no evidence to show that his acceptance was instigated by the princess or that she had any influence in her husband's political career. These abstentions are prescribed for the king and a few other persons; there is no evidence that they were observed by all the people. Now, in 1794, there is evidence that Lamarck held doctrines which present a striking contrast to those which are to be found in the Philosophic zoologique, as the following passages show: " 685. TIER 2. main idea: what the text is mostly about. During the growing season the field affords striking evidence of the influence of different manurial dressings. Much as we believe he's culpable, we don't have any hard evidence. subject: who or what the sentence is about The original evidence is to be found in E. Far better both as draughtsman and as authority was George Edwards, who in 1 743 began, under the same title as Albin, a series of plates with letterpress, which was continued by the name of Gleanings in Natural History, and finished in 1760, when it had reached seven parts, forming four quarto volumes, the figures of which are nearly always quoted with approval.4 The year which saw the works of Edwards completed was still further distinguished by the appearance in France, where little had been done since Belon's days,' in six quarto volumes, of the Ornithologie of MathurinJacques Brisson - a work of very great merit so far as it goes, for as a descriptive ornithologist the author stands even now unsurpassed; but it must be said that his knowledge, according to internal evidence, was confined to books and to the external parts of birds' skins. The first sentence usually presents the topic that you will address in the paragraph. (1 point) Wildfires can start with a natural occurrence—such as a lightning strike—or a human-made spark. The exact meaning of these features is not clear, but if it be remembered (a) that the Levites of post-exilic literature represent only the result of a long and intricate development, (b) that the name "Levite," in the later stages at least, was extended to include all priestly servants, and (c) that the priesthoods, in tending to become hereditary, included priests who were Levites by adoption and not by descent, it will be recognized that the examination of the evidence for the earlier stages cannot confine itself to those narratives where the specific term alone occurs. Evidence is accumulating, though no completely satisfactory theory can yet be put forward, as to the northern origin of the dynastic Egyptians. 'for his palace at Nineveh, internal evidence points to the high antiquity of at least some portions of it, and the discovery of a fragment of the epic in the older form of the Babylonian script, which can be dated as 2000 B.C., confirms this view. So what? An essential component of constructing our research narratives is providing supporting evidence and examples. "I don't have any empirical evidence to suggest—" "Don't use that fed speak on me," Elise said with an exasperated sigh. She only provides tips and assumes the authorities will use our call to investigate the crime and reach their own conclusions with legally obtained evidence. His petition to the king for a trial by his peers on this indictment was refused, and an attempt to prosecute the publishers of the false evidence in the king's bench was unsuccessful. There was a Roman camp near Lymington (Lentune, Lementon), and Roman relics have been found, but there is no evidence that a town existed here until after the Conquest. The phenomenon of allotropy is not confined to the non-metals, for evidence has been advanced to show that allotropy is far commoner than hitherto supposed. It may also dismiss a case on grounds of insufficient evidence. There is no evidence that this plan of Edison's was practically operative as a system of telegraphy. Although there is evidence of Roman and Saxon occupation of the site, the earliest mention of Brighton (Bristelmeston, Brichelmestone, Brighthelmston) is the Domesday Book record that its three manors belonged to Earl Godwin and were held by William de Warenne. That the arctic flora was driven south into Central Europe cannot be contested in the face of the evidence collected by Nathorst from deposits connected with the boulderclay. (For the period under review, as it appears in the light of existing external evidence, see Palestine: History.) into types has usually had regard rather to geological structure than to external form, so that some geologists would even apply the name of a mountain range to a region not distinguished by relief from the rest of the country if it bear geological evidence of having once been a true range. Leo, the saint's favourite disciple and companion on Mount Alverno at the time, which describes the circumstances of the stigmatization; Elias of Cortona, the acting superior, wrote on the day after his death a circular letter wherein he uses language clearly implying that he had himself seen the Stigmata, and there is a considerable amount of contemporary authentic second hand evidence. Thence he despatched telegrams to Italy throwing blame for the defeat upon his troops, a proceeding which sub- sequent evidence proved to be as unjustifiable as it was unsoldierlike. Additional evidence as to the structure of the molecule was discussed by Avogadro in 1811, and by Ampere in 1814. There is no evidence to show that they were in any way connected with any of the plots of the Commonwealth or Restoration periods. I can't say that for sure, but only because there's no direct proof—only circumstantial evidence. Which statements are examples of a fair and logical rebuttal to the counterclaim? If your topic sentence claims that a fire was particularly damaging, you would include the color and size of the flames, the smoke, the smell of burning materials, etc. The statement generally made that the chronicler was born at Fordoun (Kincardineshire) has not been supported by any direct evidence. "Whereas evidence allows for professional judgment, the proof is absolute and incontestable," said Denis Hayes in "Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools." There is evidence of the existence of a once dominant fair race, of which the still surviving Sienetjo, a people of a yellow or fair complexion, are regarded as descendants. Topic sentence: Each new paragraph should begin with a sentence designed to specify the contents of the paragraph and to keep the momentum of the essay moving. Since power in this case is extremely limited, you will need to make the most out of your engine for hill climbing, passing power, etc. These additional sentences might detail the author’s position on the topic. This year also he found a congenial occupation in editing Bentham's Rationale of Judicial Evidence. Untuk yang memiliki masalah berat badan, menambahkan 1 sampai 2 sendok teh ACV ke dalam 8 ounces (1 ounce ~ 237 ml) air dan meminum campuran tersebut tiga kali sehari mungkin membantu mereka menurunkan berat badan. (ii.) A supporting sentence is a sentence in a paragraph that gives support and evidence to the claim made in the topic sentence. Even before this it had been clear to archaeologists and ethnologists that there was no evidence to support the popular theory that Zimbabwe had been built in very ancient days by some Oriental people. The evidence for the catastrophes under Artaxerxes I. The evidence appears to be in favour of Troughton. Once again there was no evidence to make Jeffrey Byrne's death anything but an accidental drowning. I don't even like to say it because I don't have an ounce of evidence, but at the debate Fitzgerald said liquor had been found in Billy's vehicle. They do not represent the opinions of Others again cite the old-established power and productivity of Crete; the immense advantage it derived from insularity, natural fertility and geographical relation to the wider area of east Mediterranean civilizations; and the absence of evidence elsewhere for the gradual growth of a culture powerful enough to dominate the Aegean. When returning the iron, the customer was asked for a receipt or other evidence that she had purchased the product. The critical investigation of these records is the indispensable prelude to all serious biblical study, and hasty or sweeping deductions from monumental or archaeological evidence, or versions compiled promiscuously from materials of distinct origin, are alike hazardous. For the purposes of scientific topography observation of the natural features and outlines is followed by exact investigation of the architectural structures or remnants, a process demanding high technical competence, acute judgment and practical experience, as well as wide and accurate scholarship. Body Paragraph 1: Topic sentence goes here. How to Write a Paragraph with Evidence. is the approximate date of the Miles gloriosus; cf. Every hypothesis must be tested by an appeal to the facts of life, and modified or abandoned if it will not bear examination, unless we are convinced on genuine evidence that it may for a time be employed as a useful approximation, without prejudice to the later stages of the investigation we are conducting. Further evidence of the antiquity of Australian man is to be found in the strict observance of tribal boundaries, which would seem to show that the tribes must have been settled a long time in one place. On the other hand, the characteristics of the thought in Ephesians give some strong evidence confirmatory of the epistle's own claim to be by Paul. Hey, did you know that ever since 1969, NASA has been secretly staffed by aliens who hitched a ride back from the moon on Apollo 11? About institutions we have less certain knowledge, there being but little evidence for the earlier periods; but in the documents relating to religion, the most significant of all, it can at least be said that there is no trace of sharp change. 3 In other words, the evidence is rarely strictly experimental, and this not only gives facilities for fraud, but makes it necessary to allow a large margin for accidents, mistakes and mal-observation. There is a well-known story of the last of the race being killed by Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel in 1680, but there is evidence of wolves having survived in Sutherlandshire and other parts into the following century (perhaps as late as 1743), though the date of their final extinction cannot be accurately fixed.

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