Offshore assets, such as wind turbines, offshore substations and weather masts are exposed to harsh environmental conditions which affect the condition of components over time. When assets are not monitored as part of a thorough maintenance schedule, catastrophic failures can occur.

Wind turbine blades are subject to a variety of costly issues which include leading edge erosion, blade wrinkling, lightning strike damage and other issues arising from manufacturing faults.

Regular monitoring is essential to maintaining safe operations while maximizing productivity. Conventional offshore wind farm inspections are carried out by paired rope survey teams and are subject to a range of challenges which are both risky and costly.

Mainstream optical, thermal and ultrasonic data capture hardware is limiting, but through a strategic partnership with ABJ WindVue, OASIS provides a solution which guarantees superior data acquisition, allowing analysis of both internal and external blade properties.

OASIS are highly experienced maritime professionals with years of offshore wind sector exposure. Partnerships with academics, government, NGO’s and other SMEs across the UK supports our ongoing projects focusing on innovation and offshore / operational best practices.

Our carefully selected drone pilots are:

  • STCW / GWO / MCA licensed with valid ENG1 certificates
  • CAA approved and compliant
  • Insured
  • Trained to deliver exceptional service in an offshore environment / on wind farms

Why We Are Different To Other Drone Inspection Companies:

  • UAV’s: our high-spec UAV payload delivery platform is tried and tested in offshore environments, they have multiple built-in safety redundancies and they can also operate accurately and safely in high wind speeds (up to 20m/s
  • Reports: ABJ WindVue’s approach to data analysis and reporting is unique and provides immediately actionable information on the condition of assets to their clients
  • Pilots: OASIS pilots are very different from your average drone pilot. Equipped with offshore licenses and nerves of steel, these pilots are used to working in challenging maritime conditions
  • R&D: OASIS continues to invest in product research and development and enjoys partnerships with academics and governing bodies from across the globe
  • Customer-centric: the management team at OASIS are (among other things) all highly experienced account handlers, so all clients receive superior levels of client care as standard


Offshore Aerial Surveillance & Inspection Services


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