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Tailored Industry Solutions


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Our Approach

OASIS provide a flexible solution to suit individual client needs.
We work closely with our clients to tailor our unique drone-based inspection solutions to your needs in 5 simple steps:



Drastically reduce risk by eliminating the need for manual ‘at-height’ working with drone based inspections. Pilots carry out remote and distanced working as standard.

Cost Effective

Remote drone inspections offer a more
cost-effective solution than traditional
inspection methods.


Drones can be deployed rapidly, reducing set-up and asset down time.


Thorough due diligence ensures our drone
pilots are ‘best in class’.

High quality data

Defects are captured using high resolution images and identified with AI-automated detection analysis.

Tailored High-Spec Equipment

OASIS will consult with you every step of the way, to tailor the suite of equipment used for your inspection; bespoke to your needs.

As subject matter experts, we only use the best, proven technologies available, from robust industrial drones with high-end sensors, to compact urban solutions – we guarantee that the right equipment will be used to achieve optimal results.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Our data collection and analysis process ensures our clients are able to build up historical data sets and assist with predictive maintenance; whether they are in environmental or industrial sectors. Our reporting process is optimised to meet each client’s needs; meaning we are able to accurately measure and identify critical elements to their operations.

This consequently allows companies to better manage regular and unscheduled maintenance, decrease the risk to personnel, ensure accurate, repeatable surveys are completed; resulting in an increase of their return on investment.

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OASIS Pilots Qualifications and Experience

All OASIS drone pilots are fully qualified with industry specific experience; we ensure our pilots have as a minimum:

  • PfCO/ GVC with a minimum of 50 hours flight time.
  • GWO (for offshore inspections).
  • Insurance coverage in line with client needs.
  • Evidence of experience and flight hours with specific platforms, as per project requirements.
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