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Welcome to OASIS

Offshore Aerial Survey Services Ltd was born from a desire to work in an innovative environment, utilising disruptive technology to provide solutions in the Blue Economy.

The OASIS management team are a diverse group of experienced business professionals who are experts in various fields, including maritime, environmental, utilities, renewables and R&D.

Some other things you should know about us

  • OASIS pilots work to a company-specific ‘Gold Standard’, this means they must meet our strict, high-level criteria when deployed on our contracts
  • Uniquely, we encourage applicants with maritime qualifications, ex-forces personnel and support the IMO’s ‘Women in Maritime’ initiative
  • We love tech! OASIS continually invests in disruptive technology so to ensure we remain market leaders in our chosen industries
  • We’re open to new ideas and opportunities; if there is synergy between you and our company and you would like to share an idea, (MNDA’s available upon request) please contact us anytime.


  • To fully capitalise on the rapidly expanding market for drone inspection of offshore windfarm assets.
  • To sustainably scale the business and number of drone teams deployed.
  • To develop an industry leading ‘Gold Standard’ of training and safety for all of our offshore flight crew, by instigating safer working practices and equipment specifications, with the support of industry partners.
  • To reinvest time and money into causes related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG14 (advancing the sustainable use and conservation of the oceans).
  • To operate an inclusive 'Just Culture', which promotes equality and transparency in the workplace.



Anna Plaster 
Managing Director

Captain Richard Plaster
Offshore Operations Director

Jade Rosling-Lopez
Digital Communications Director


We are members of Renewable UK

We collaborate with Cranfield University


We are partners with ABJ Drones

We support and promote the UN's SDG14

We are members of the Women in Maritime Taskforce (Maritime UK)

We volunteer with the RNLI

OASIS Value Proposition

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