Offshore Aerial Survey Inspection Services


Offshore Aerial Survey and Inspection Services (OASIS) are an innovative drone (UAV) inspection company based in the UK. We specialise in the provision of UAV inspection services and pilots to offshore clientele across Europe and beyond. 

Utilising UAV’s For Data Collection & Surveying

Our UAV pilots range from Merchant Seaman to ex-forces personnel and surveyors. All conform to an in-house ‘Gold Standard’ which encompasses advanced training in UAV piloting, the use of patented xray like technology and WTG industry compliant maritime safety.

Primarily serving the offshore industry, OASIS pilots use state-of-the-art UAV’s, cameras and sensors to collect data, conduct asset surveys and carry out inspections.

In addition to work carried out in offshore environments, OASIS are working with a growing number of academic bodies and NGOs, to assist with scientific research and data collection.

How UAV Inspections Will Benefit Your Project or Operation

  • Accuracy; D-RTK-GNSS positioning ensures the equipment is always in precisely the right place. Flight plans repeated on a regular basis ensure a cost-effective solution for comparison, analysis and planning.
  • Competitiveness; UAV’s are quicker, safer and cheaper alternatives to manned inspections or traditional flight operations using small aircraft.
  • Efficient solutions; information needed for operations and maintenance can be gathered and delivered to the client in a rapid turnaround time.

OASIS work with the best equipment on the market and leading academics to ensure clients benefit from streamlined, highly innovative, disruptive technologies.

Offshore Aerial Survey & Inspection Services


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